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Rod Armande Law
633 W. 5th Street, Suite 2600, Los Angeles, CA 90071 United States

Rod Armande has been advocating for immigrant communities since 2015.

Rod Armande is a 2009 graduate of the University of Georgia (B.A. in World History) and a 2016 graduate of Western State College of Law (J.D.). Since 2015, Rod Armande has helped hundreds of undocumented immigrants obtain legal status and has successfully prevented the deportation of hundreds of immigrants. Rod Armande has expanded his practice to bring his negotiation, advocacy and trial skills to the area of personal injury.

Rod Armande is the son of immigrants, a first generation U.S. citizen, first person from his immediate family that graduated from high school, university, and law school, and the first attorney. He understands and appreciates the unique struggles of the immigrant community, and the advantages that legal status can bring to a person’s life. He understands that by making informed decisions and working hard anyone can achieve their own version of the American Dream. 

Rod Armande has experienced first hand the negative consequences of family separation and the positive impact of keeping family members together. He has family members who have waited for more than 10 years to receive legal status in the United States.

The broken immigration system and policies in part caused his family to be separated for several years when he was a child. He strives to do everything within his power to help other immigrant families stay together and not have to suffer the grave consequences of being separated from a loved one. 

Rod Armande has personally experienced the negative consequences of dealing with insurance companies without the assistance of an attorney. He strives to bridge the gap of injustice by providing exceptional legal service and representation to injured clients.

Rod Armande is passionate about representing injured clients against insurance companies and providing his clients the best possible results whether it involves an automobile accident, rideshare accident, bus or truck accident, pedestrian accident, slip and fall injury, catastrophic injury or wrongful death. 

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